*Customized meal plans*     *Allergen and sensitivity formulas*


Offers pre-portioned meals in 4lb Box (4 x 1lb vacuumed seal packs) and 6lb Totes


Muskoka Raw is dedicated to providing quality raw meals for your dog(s) and cat(s) and is a proud retailer of Big Country Raw.  Made with Quality Inspected Human Grade meat from Canadian suppliers, Big Country Raw offers a variety of different mixtures of ground meat and bone, fruits and vegetables, organ meat and other additives such as kale and kelp.  Big Country Raw foods are designed to be fed together in a meal plan.  We recommend feeding a variety of proteins to achieve a nutritional balance.


We also have single protein formulas especially for dogs or cats with food sensitivities or allergies.  Our sensitivity and allergen formulas such as duck and rabbit, turkey or lamb may be the answer to solving your pet's allergic reactions.  

Your dog or cat will also enjoy our whole food options including chicken necks and meaty beef bones, and harder recreational bones such as femur and marrow bones.

Raw Meals are the healthiest food for your dog or cat because it is fresh, whole and unprocessed.  Our meals are flashed frozen to maintain product freshness and nutrition. 

Since 2014, Muskoka Raw located to the Barrie area however do continue to serve the Muskoka area. 

Proud supplier of Big Country Raw