If you are in need of assistance in planning your meal choices for your pet, we can help to create a monthly menu of meal choices that meets the nutritional requirements of your pet but also your planned food budget.

Adding whole food choices to your pet's diet can require a little more planning and prep work for their meals.  However feeding whole foods or raw meaty bones will ensure cleaner teeth, stronger neck and mouth muscles and also aids in digestibility as chewing creates saliva which helps in the creation of digestive enzymes.  

Feeding Guidelines: 

1.5%  Weight Loss

2.0%  Maintain Weight (recommended

3.0%  Slight Weight Gain

4.0 - 6.0%  Kittens/Puppies (8 weeks - 1 year)


ORDER IN DATES:                                                                                 MUSKOKA DELIVERY DATES:


Sunday January 13th, 2019                                                                   Wednesday January 16th, 2019 

Sunday February 24th                                                                           Wednesday February 27th


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Delivery dates during the winter months may change pending the weather.

Delivery fee plus HST may apply.  

Pick ups also available during set days and times.

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